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“Most people swim with Manta Rays via a large boat, floating with 20-30 people. Ready to pack your bags? For the best chance of finding manta rays in the Similan Islands, book a 4-5 day liveaboard. The Best Time to Snorkel with the Maldives’ Manta Rays. Where exactly are you staying. Where to snorkel with manta rays? The coral reefs that surround these atolls and islands are rich with marine biodiversity, creating the perfect home for more than 100 resident Reef Mantas. The best diving sites to swim with oceanic manta rays bigger are “Blue Magic” and “Magic Mountain”. The company’s Manta Ray Night Snorkel Tour departs daily from Keauhou Bay on board the 50-foot catamaran, Hokuhele. Manta Ray Night Snorkel tours run 7 days a week. The dive site was called Mawan but there are many other dive sites in Komodo where they can be found. This is perhaps because the best sites for manta ray diving are some of the newest sites, just being added to many liveaboards. Most manta ray night and sunset snorkeling tours depart Kailua-Kona or Puako. Things to Know. Snorkeling with Manta Rays in Kona. Manta rays are filter feeders and feed on plankton attracted to light. The Maldives is one of the best countries in the world for swimming with manta rays, but diving in the area can also yield plenty of Whale Shark and Nurse Shark encounters. Keauhou Bay, and particularly Manta Village (the name given to the area in front of the hotel), became a popular place for people to come to view manta rays right on the shoreline easily. Manta Magic is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list experience. With the correct conditions and respectful divers, the manta rays will put on this show for longer than your bottom time will allow you to watch. To dive with the magnificent creatures, you’ll actually need to travel to Nusa Penida, a small island just off the southeast side of Bali. Munich, Germany. Sightings are almost guaranteed in the area at high tide because there are three different cleaning stations in the dive path. Along the West Australian Coastline Manta Rays can be seen close to shore allowing people to easily snorkel with this huge … It is now understood that these animals travel nearly 300 miles (500 kilometers) before and after their time at Lady Elliot Island. Going on a manta ray night snorkel in Hawaii is an amazing and unforgettable experience. First, you are in an Outrigger Canoe [two Hawaiian canoes strapped together] and the team paddles out to the site in traditional Hawaiian style." 2.) Thailand’s international borders are effectively closed to tourists. Manta Bay is located in a fairly shallow bay but is filled with lots of plankton which is the favorite food of manta ray. However, trips only depart from Exmouth on the Coral Coast between June and November when coral spawning attracts the most manta rays. Wow nice article and photos! An adult Manta can grow to almost seven meters across and weigh up to a staggering 1,400 kg making them the largest of all of the different Ray species. We booked our tour with MONKEY SURFING SCHOOL, and they were amazing. Head out into the Pacific Ocean off Kona to see the sunset over the water before diving in to enjoy swimming freely with Manta Rays in their underwater nighttime realm, an electric experience unlike anything else in the world. J oin our knowledgeable and friendly crew for a night to remember on the world famous Manta Ray Night Snorkel.Take a boat ride in the late afternoon along the Kona coast to the manta viewing site. I thought I had found previously that you could go snorkeling with Manta rays, but now the only tours I can find are diving or leave from the other islands. Firstly, all manta dives in the area are night dives. Thankfully, Mozambique is finally making moves to protect mantas. Nicknamed the ‘Home of the Manta Ray,’ Lady Elliot Island is the perfect Australian destination for manta ray diving. Snorkeling with manta rays in Brazil Fernando do Noronha You can snorkel with manta rays in this world-class diving island in Brazil. Start your adventure with a moonlight sail aboard the Hokulani, Sea Paradise’s spacious 45-foot trimaran.Your destination is the World Famous Manta Ray Village off the Kona Coast. Three crew members were on hand to help guide us to the float we would hold on to during the experience, spot the rays, and make sure we were all safe and comfortable while in the water. Its 1,200 islands and transparent waters as well as its pelagic fauna allow diving with manta rays, whale sharks, and many other species of sharks and fish. One of the excursions that took our visit absolutely over the top was an evening snorkel with giant manta rays. The most famous places in Indonesia to get in the water with manta rays are Komodo National Park and nearby Flores Island. At the western edge of this wall, divers wait, gazing into the blue where graceful, winged creatures circle. Snorkel Mask. On the surface, the rest of us got our snorkel gear on and prepared to face the manta rays (literally). My Experience of Snorkeling with the Manta Rays. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for an underwater adventure with these amazing creatures. $115 Adult, $105 Child (ages 7-12) $95 Observers/Non-swimmers +tax. Return Details. Lot of ocean lovers are wondering where to snorkel with Manta Rays. Check in for Sunset Manta Magic is at 6 p.m. at the Keauhou Small Boat Harbor. Book Your Charter! On the opposite side of the country from the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Bay and nearby Ningaloo are lesser-known destinations for manta ray diving. Dive in the water, and swim in an area known for manta ray sightings. During the northeast monsoon (January to April), look to the west side of the atoll for the best manta diving. Raja Ampat is found on many lists considering the best dive areas around the globe. Manta rays do not have tail stingers. For the best conditions in terms of visibility and weather patterns, travel to Komodo from June to September. After visiting Easter Island, I fell in love with the Pacific, so when I had a chance to visit Hawaii, I was super excited.For one thing, I love SCUBA diving. Keep in mind that occasionally, weather conditions will not permit diving around the area for weeks at a time. James L. Wing. As Manta Rays have very big body size and also have very large brains. Snorkeling with our beautiful Kona manta rays is an experience you don't want to miss. Sharing Our Gratitude: Diver Wall of Thanks, Save the Ocean: How to Get Involved in Seagrass Restoration, How to Become a PADI AmbassaDiver in 2021, Spotlight on PADI AmbassaDivers from Mexico. Manta season: May through October, depending on monsoons. Snorkeling with manta rays Where to snorkel with manta rays in Thailand. 4. We provide your snorkel gear, wetsuits, and noodles/floats – so you stay completely horizontal as you snorkel. Report inappropriate content . While manta rays can appear in many places, Ukulhas Thila and Panettone are the most predictable dive sites. Swim near a manta ray natural habitat on this 1.5-hour night snorkeling tour from Kona. You will never forget having these gentle giants swim so graceful before your eyes. Manta Night Snorkel. Manta Ray Night Swim. Hauntingly beautiful and graceful, what is it you saw? Slip into the water with your snorkel guide and float above majestic manta rays as they somersault, glide, and pivot in the light below. Komodo, Indonesia. While manta rays can be found in Raja Ampat from October to May, December to March offers the best opportunity to dive with the many manta rays in the area. These wonderful creatures seem to particularly like the Koh Tachai pinnacle. Closed Now. These are the locations where you can dive or snorkel with mantas. The southwest monsoon also brings with it the opportunity of night diving with feeding manta rays at Fesdu Lagoon. Many of the manta rays found near Socorro display the rare all-black morph and enjoy a disc-width of more than 16 feet (5 meters)! This is a thrilling experience for those who seek adventure! Manta rays are gentle giants which are found in the waters surrounding the Maldives, typically growing to about 3.5m in width and recognisable for their triangular wings. Fair Wind Cruises manta ray night snorkel visits Manta Village located at Keauhou Bay. As you arrive at Keauhou Bay you will be fitted for wetsuits and then board a 45 ft spacious sailing trimaran. Whether up close and personal or breaching the ocean’s surface 100 meters away, the grace and power of these creatures is simply unforgettable. More than 2000 manta rays arrive to this Pacific island between June and October every year. Keep in mind, it’s possible to find manta rays across the globe, but we’ve picked out the best places to consistently spot large groups of these amazing creatures. About Manta Rays. Devilfish City is a second, essential dive for anyone looking for mantas. 78-7106 Kamehameha III Rd, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740, USA. All necessary snorkeling equipment is included. Led by an expert guide, journey five minutes off the Big Island’s west coast where the mantas come to feast on plankton. 808.987.0377 . Diving or snorkeling with manta rays is an unforgettable experience. You can dive with manta rays in Tofo year-round. Researchers have identified 1159 manta rays at Tofo. You can see manta rays all year round as they migrate from north to south depending on the season. Looking to snorkel with manta rays in Kona, Hawaii? The best time is from June to October when the … For the east coast of Australia, we suggest a visit to North Stradbroke Island where Manta Lodge YHA and Scuba Centre is perfectly located for summer encounters. Word of advice : do not miss the opportunity when it arises. This is the largest decline of manta numbers recorded in the world, and this is one of the few major manta aggregations that is completely unprotected. It is also the spot where one of the largest oceanic mantas (over 7 meters with laser photogrammetry) has been seen. Your best bet for snorkeling with manta rays is on a whale shark boat tour, where you’ll spot mantas feeding on the plankton amongst the whale sharks. Baa Atoll and Ari Atoll are the best locations in this island nation for manta ray spotting. This is currently the world’s largest recorded population of Giant Oceanic Mantas. Check in for Sunset Manta Magic is at 6 p.m. at the Keauhou Small Boat Harbor. It is difficult to explain in words the sensations that arise when you glide underwater with these amazing giants. 1. In reality, these attacks are the reason Tofo is a reliable destination for manta ray diving. Evening ; Duration 1.5 - 2 hours ; Pricing & Availability . We invite you to join us for an underwater adventure and experience freediving and snorkeling with Manta Rays around Nusa Penida. Big Island Divers. Komodo is often top of the list for one of the best places in the world to see majestic Manta Rays, which can be found here all year round. We keep our night snorkel tour groups small and limited to six for your comfort and enjoyment and to ensure the safety and well-being of our rays. It seems like every one is seeing manta rays at the moment. Snorkelling enthusiasts who wish to maximise their chance of viewing manta rays are advised to plan their trip to coincide with the following key viewing dates, when a specialist has determined that mass feeding sessions are likely to occur. The area is lit by your vessels diving lights, so you can get a clear view even in dark waters. Several cleaning stations surround the islands meaning you’ll be diving with nearly guaranteed sightings of the mantas. What is your itinerary. Adult $115 +tax Book. Anelakai Adventures, with the great service provided by Iko and Holly is a great experience. 2. Remember that you only get about three hours under water a day so the longer the liveaboard, the more likelihood you have of diving with manta rays. In fact, more than 1600 individuals have been identified at Baa Atoll. You can see our private tour options here: Phuket Private tours. +66 (0)86 6897184 (ไทย) The chance of seeing a manta ray is over 90% percent, and if the manta rays take the night off, you can book again for free during your stay. Make sure to add Lady Elliot Island to your itinerary. Learn how your comment data is processed. The open ocean conditions are also a prime attraction for pelagic species. The calm, flat seas and incredible visibility attract snorkellers to try their luck at seeing these majestic creatures eye to eye. PLEASE NOTE: Previous snorkeling experience is necessary for the Manta Ray Snorkeling Adventure. Includes guided experience, mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, juice/water/light snack Kona Snorkeling Adventure Snorkel along Kona Coast of Big Island! Fair Wind Cruises manta ray night snorkel visits Manta Village located at Keauhou Bay. For our manta ray snorkel, we arrived at the harbor around an hour before sunset and were pleased to find only six other travelers would be joining us on the boat. Level Contributor . That said, Manta Bay is definitely the highlight! In addition to frequent Whale Shark sightings, most visitors can easily spot manta rays feeding on the mass amounts of plankton brought in through the channels of this atoll. Experience a manta ray swim like no other, with a small group of no more than six and the most eco-friendly tour available. Diving Baa Atoll is a must for any manta ray enthusiast. On the other hand, you can base yourself in Coral Bay to ensure daily departures during all months. The best time is from June to October when the population is estimated to be around 200 – 300 individuals. *Cruise duration may exceed 1.5 hrs at times (please plan accordingly) Driving Directions & Map for the Evening Manta Ray Snorkel. Contact. You have seen a manta ray, the largest of the rays, reaching wing spans up to twenty feet and weighing as much as 3,000 pounds. Hours Today: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. See all hours . In fact, they migrate from north to south and vice versa with the change in seasons. As tempting as it is when they get within an inch of you, you cannot touch them. In addition to manta rays, divers who make the effort to visit Koh Bon will also be rewarded with Leopard Sharks, beautiful corals and thousands of colorful reef fish. This is the right tour for you! Details about the Manta Ray Snorkel First, manta rays are completely harmless (unlike stingrays, they do not have a barb). Read more. The plankton in the area is found on the sandy bottom, so this is a prime location for witnessing bottom feeding. For scuba divers who love pelagic species, nothing can beat the exciting Thai destinations of Koh Bon and the Similan Islands. Its varied underwater topography including inner atoll reefs, pinnacles and channels attracts all manner of large marine life. Here’s a hot tip: Consider a night dive in Palau. Diving with manta rays in Kona is unlike any other location on this list. Come aboard with My Kona Adventures and chase the setting sun as we make our way toward our site for our Kona Manta Ray Night Snorkel excursion. This manta ray dive is possible year-round because of its manufactured aspect. Because of unique current patterns off the coast of Mozambique, a 124-mile (200-kilometer) stretch of plankton-rich waters has been created. This popularity has driven a large and unchecked growth in providers that offer these tours. These graceful creatures of the deep blue sea can reach up to a 6 metre wingspan! Find out the best places to dive with manta rays! Sea Quest Rafting and Snorkeling Adventures on Facebook. Snorkelers: $125. The most popular of all the Indonesian islands, Bali is paradise on earth. Swim with the amazing Manta's on Kona Island. You will have to go to Nusa Lembongan/Penida. info@snorkelingthailand.com It’s an experience you’ll never forget! After you board the Hokulani, Sea Paradise’s spacious 45-foot trimaran, you will travel to the World Famous Manta Ray Village off the Kona Coast.Going on a manta ray night snorkel in Hawaii is an amazing and unforgettable experience. 1h 30m. With amazing colors and pelagic species, this underwater world is the perfect location for adventure-seeking divers. Enjoy an authentic Hawaiian experience in our paddle-powered canoe with one of the ocean’s most graceful creatures… only from Anelakai Adventures. Snorkel with manta rays on a sunset boat excursion; Manta rays are harmless so you can enjoy snorkeling worry-free Learn about the majestic creatures from an onboard manta ray specialist; Savor the experience with complimentary photos to take home; Important Information. Swimming with the Manta rays is possible both while snorkeling and while diving. Large groups are also known to frequent Manta Ray Alley in the waters of Komodo, Indonesia. They are being seen by guests on the Reggae Queen liveaboard and the Oktavia liveaboard. Board our vessel and take a short cruise to the mouth of Keauhou Bay to swim with and view the manta rays. If you want an intimate experience with manta rays, look to Coral Bay for your next diving holiday. If you’d like a getaway in paradise, plenty to see at thousands of dive sites and wonderful manta ray encounters, head to the islands of Micronesia for your next scuba adventure. The Best Time to Snorkel with the Maldives’ Manta Rays 16 Feb 2016 February and March are one of the best months to see the majestic Manta Rays around Kuredu. The Best Time to Snorkel with the Maldives’ Manta Rays. Both species can be found all around the world in places like Mozambique, the Maldives, the Red Sea, Mexico, Indonesia, southern Japan, northern Australia, or here in the Andaman Sea (mostly in the Similans National Marine Park, Hin Deang, Hin Muang) in southern Thailand. I found a place that charges only 200k for a snorkeling day tour. During the southwest monsoon (June to November), look to the east side of the atoll. Because the mantas in Tofo are cleaning shark wounds rather than parasites, a longer amount of time at the cleaning station is needed. You’ll get to enjoy snorkeling with two of the ocean’s most majestic creatures at once! It is something you absolutely must do. I booked the night Manta Ray snorkeling tour. It is also known as Manta Site or Manta Mantra. Whats app: +66 (0)81 2727556. Julian Rocks off Byron Bay is another important site for the animals during the summer months. Manta rays can also be seen at the more northern Similan dive sites, around the big granite boulders, but only the dive boats go there. These are perhaps more visible due to the growing popularity of the dive site known as the German Channel, considered one of the top three dive sites in Palau. In turn, Reef Mantas arrive in great numbers to feed on the plankton. The Travel Channel says, this is one of the top ten things to do in your lifetime. This gives you a longer window to find a few. Book this activity early! These speak to its fantastic soft corals and fascinating macro life, but what most overlook are the amazing manta ray encounters. For a liveaboard experience unlike any other, book your manta ray adventure to Socorro Island. The Maldives are a paradise for scuba divers. Reef Mantas, including those displaying the rare black morph, can be found throughout the year but August to October is considered to have the best conditions. Manta Snorkel Trip Details. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Do you know that manta rays have the largest brain to body ratio of all fish?

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