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They can log in if registered earlier. They can only add food from one restaurant at a time. Intuitive InterfaceOur app ensures a seamless workflow, empowering end-users to navigate through it effortlessly. App Rejection SupportBy any chance, the app submitted for deployment gets rejected, our expert team will look into the issue, fix it at the earliest, and resubmit it for a quick launch. Accept/Reject OrdersDelivery drivers can accept the incoming orders or reject it based on the parameters such as their availability, customer locations, and more. They also witnessed that restaurants are trying vigorously to increase their sales. Instant notifications to keep your users updated on the order status. Manage OffersThe admin can roll-out offers and promo codes to customers to promote their services among the target audience. The status quo in the Education system calls for reformation through technology. Will my business information be safe with your organization. We offer extensive technical support during the app development and also post-launch of the app… As an entrepreneur, it is a wise decision to venture into the Ubereats clone food delivery … All it takes is a few taps and a couple of swipes; the ordered food is delivered to their doorsteps. Mohd Idrus Mohd Diah from Malaysia exclaimed that he was satisfied with the end product delivered by our team of experts for his project "Taawun". You can witness daily development and add the features that seem necessary. At AppDupe, we know that our customers are Entrepreneurs and keeping them succeeding is what will make us stronger. After this, we will discuss to devise a strategic approach to customize our ready-made app to go in line with your business model. Backed by a crew of immensely experienced experts, Food Delivery App Development has never been this easy! We also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the start of the project to ensure that your business details and app idea is protected. Give wings to your business venture with our advanced mobile and on-demand app development services. Isa Cruz of Willdo LLC talks about his experience of developing a platform for his business with AppDupe. They can share their feedback concerning the same to help you keep track of the service quality. BrandingWe rebrand the app with your logo, name, color scheme, and other associated elements. The passenger app will enable the rider to book a taxi, pay the fare and … Order RequestsDelivery drivers are notified about the incoming orders promptly via in-app push notifications. We will help you through the visa process and other travel hurdles. Includes all delivery services, ride services, and essential on-demand services. Order Placement from WebsiteLet users order food from your business website that has all features and functionalities similar to your app solutions. Our stellar developers will create your dynamic and user engaging website to provide seamless experience. They can also share their feedback for both. Track OrdersRestaurant managers can track the orders that are dispatched for delivery. They helped such restaurants to boost their sales by listing them on their app solutions. It includes: Secure OnboardingCustomers can sign up with the app using their details, including email addresses, phone numbers, or even social media accounts. They offer end-users the convenience to enjoy food from their preferred restaurants in the comfort of their homes. Once we have an alignment about the details of the project, you are invited to see your App created in front of your eyes at our development centre. Why should I invest in food delivery app development? Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. The least they can expect is not to spend several hours cooking meals in their kitchen. Built with groundbreaking technology, it is devised to resonate with the market dynamics and provide customers with a delightful food delivery experience. Arm yourself with the consuel of Appdupe, the market leaders in the Food Delivery App Development vertical. He flew down all the way from Nigeria to visit our Development Center in India to review AppDupe. Food industry is booming and therefore we bring the solutions to the ever expanding industry. Schedule a meeting with our … We will take care of that for you, leaving you to do what you do best, Win! Ultra-responsive applications, made possible with cutting-edge technology. Appdupe is a leading on-demand clone app development company with experience in delivering 100+ apps every month. Ratings & ReviewsAfter receiving the order, users can rate and review the food and the delivery service availed. Password : 123456, User Name : [email protected] You can witness all the enhancements of your app. The cost involved to develop and deploy these app panels is not the same for all projects. At Appdupe, we are committed to delivering app solutions loaded with safety features to let businesses … We craft comprehensive apps that fit all your business needs. Manage RefundsIf an order is canceled, the admin can manage and process the refunds to respective customers, after deducting the cancellation fee. Licensed Source CodesWe provide our 100% customizable source codes to clients opting for our premium app development package. Abaeze submits his views on conducting business with AppDupe. Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. Tamil Nadu 600032, India. We will take care of that for you, leaving you to do what you do best, Win! Connect Us Now! Our white-label solutions will help you tailor your brand the way you always wanted. Designed and developed by industry stalwarts, Appdupe's food delivery solution empowers customers to browse, order, pay, and get their favorite food items delivered at their doorsteps. Highly recommended! If all regulations are enforced, you can offer them safety badges that appear near their name in the app. Only popular apps in the market are gaining increased ROI. If you can figure out another way to do that, without infringing on others IP, you totally can. Manage OffersRestaurant managers can provide offers for the orders placed to captivate user attention. Place Orders by Calling RestaurantsEnable users to call your business directly to order food. Change the way your customers travel. ReorderCustomers can repeat their past orders directly from the order history section, using the reorder feature. The online food delivery app also offers increased convenience for your customers, making them prefer your platform over your competitors. … RegistrationDelivery drivers can register with the app using their email addresses or mobile numbers. Reach out to us to find out how we can do the same for you! Several restaurants are not yet open for dining in and extend only take-outs and online deliveries to ensure their customer safety. … Pop-up AlertsCustomers will be updated about the order status via in-app push notifications. Give them the best with our advanced solutions for the Transportation Sector. Join this prolific market with our online food order app solution. Designed and developed by industry stalwarts, Appdupe's app development for restaurants empowers customers to browse, order, pay, and get their favorite food items delivered at their doorsteps. Food usually never reached on time Delivery at a wrong address Restricted food options, and so on. This was one trait that advertising agencies were perceived to not always have. Exceeding your expectations is our definitive attribute! If accepted, they will travel to restaurants to pick up the order for delivery. Online MarketplaceList all restaurants in a specified location on your app and allow users to place orders from their preferred restaurants. Become a leader in the on-demand grocery delivery business by becoming a part of the Appdupe … User Name : (+91) 8527419632 Fermin, our valued client from Autolinks Network, talks about the partnership with AppDupe which has helped his road assistance company reach new heights. So, we promise you, Life Time Updates free of charge. With the change in lifestyle, people often end up spending more time in their work, making them exhausted at the end of the day. Order TrackingUsers can track their order status seamlessly until it is delivered to their doorsteps. There are several other strategies that you need to … Our on-demand grocery delivery app development solution is primed to increase your operational efficiency, streamline your business processes, and revitalize the way you conduct your business. He was delighted with the end product and hence shared this lovely review. Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Global ReachOur food delivery solution extends multilingual support to help end-users access the app content in their respective languages. Our collaborations are not just on paper, we provide all the necessary support needed for you to kickstart your idea with elan. Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate, Place OrderOnce customers add everything they want to the cart, they can proceed to checkout and place their orders. Our mobile and web development apps come with total security solutions for your business. Easy PaymentsCustomers can pay for their orders via one of the multiple payment options available in the app. His vision to create a ride-hailing app was executed flawlessly within a short period. At Appdupe, we introduce an innovative food delivery solution - UberEats Clone Script. Menu and PricingRestaurant managers can list all food items in their restaurants and their pricing for user access. Inner Ring Road, Chennai, It varies based on several parameters, such as the feature set, technology stack, the development team size, the time required, and many more. This pandemic situation has led to the tremendous growth of on-demand food delivery services and presents the perfect opportunity for launching online food delivery apps. Your search to Hire Dedicated Developers ends here! Here's what Adriana Merino Reyna, our beloved client from Peru, South America, says about her experience with Appdupe. UberEats Clone - Food delivery clone app that assists in quick delivery of food at the user doorsteps. Yes, absolutely. GET IT NOW. Ever since the advent of online food delivery apps, startups and large businesses in the niche are booming with increased sales. It was suggested that on occasions that media planner and researchers. Our apps and your vision will help elevate the Education Industry. With people fearing to step out, restaurants have experienced a steep decline in sales. To offer safer and better services, acquire our COVID-19 proof solutions and integrate them into your niche right away! From food delivery to medical consultation, all possible services have shifted to online space. With our advanced augmented reality solutions improve user experience with breathtaking AR prototypes. The only thing companies can patent is methodology for achieving an action or leading to an endpoint. Reviews for Appdupe… Extensive COVID-19 Safety FunctionalityOur online food delivery app solution extends features like sending notifications to inform customers about high-touch surface information and displaying knowledge banners about precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19. Let’s begin your digital journey today! In his review, he has spoken about the overall features of appdupe.His app Pikap has gained a lot of momentum and he shared his thankfulness for creating the app. Order DashboardRestaurant managers can manage all their incoming and ongoing orders via the central order dashboard. Yes, we know that Apple and Google keep coming out with new versions of their mobile OS's and other companies we clone from also keep updating their features and UX to stay up-to-date. Profile ManagementCustomers can create and manage their profiles, with their name, contact details, and delivery address. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. The functioning of businesses are evolving, and most of them have moved to digital space for better reach and visibility. Mohammad Ben Attia is jubilant about the service he received from appdupe. Password : 123456, User Name : [email protected] Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, food delivery platforms have become the ‘go-to’ destination for customers and restaurants. ... AppDupe is a well-known player competing in the clone script marketplace. Create ProfilesDelivery drivers can create and manage their profiles with their name, photo, contact details, etc. At Appdupe, we employ the best minds that specialize in leveraging their industry expertise to build a robust and reliable on-demand food delivery application. PicMix and PicYou are almost exact clones of Instagram. Reasonable PricingOur food delivery apps are reasonably priced to help our clients launch their dream business without budget constraints. Multiple payment options allow users to pay with the mode they find convenient. No one should skip a meal just because they are busy or not able to cook. View ReviewsRestaurant managers can view and manage customer feedback, helping them work on their service quality if need be. Extending a seamless food delivery experience. Safety Rating and ReviewsThis feature lets your customers rate the delivery service rendered based on the safety protocols followed by the delivery drivers. DoorDash is another food delivery app that has captured a wide customer base. Tamil Nadu 600032, India. We feel the same and our focus is to provide the solution to your musical queries. GET IT NOW. No stone unturned on that front. They can order the food and pick it up from the restaurants when the order is ready. Enter any industry ranging from ride-hailing to food delivery with ease with our stellar design and development services. Notifying RestaurantsApps churned out as the product of our world-class Food Delivery App Development process consists of notifications alerting the restaurant managers about the incoming orders. Almost every major industry has started its own online application to automate daily operations. It assures the safety of food orders as it is handed over to the customers directly, without any intermediaries. Stephen talks about his taxi booking app for his startup from Appdupe. Stephen loved the way it was priced and recommends Appdupe to everyone. Get your advanced Ola Clone with AppDupe. Manage Multiple DeliveriesDelivery drivers can accept delivery requests of orders directed from the same location to offer faster delivery. Take on the market with exceptional user interface with our virtual reality development solutions designed to lead the market, any day! Through the state-of-the-art road assistance app that we developed through our Uber for Towtruck product, Autolinks Network has been able to effectively cater to their customers and gain new ones in the process! 46, Palace Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Contactless deliveries alone cannot prevent disease spread. Cut through the competition and swerve to the top, contact us to get started right away. Our IOT solutions assist you with optimizing key processes coupled with gathering Big data with ease. He is ecstatic to see his app fully functional. Sazal is so elated with AppDupe’s services that he wants to continue being our client and recommends AppDupe for others as well. We are available to discuss your project 24x7x365. Users can place orders from your restaurant near their locations. Our solution offers unlimited business opportunities with multiple revenue-generating options. Enter the lucrative gaming market with our advanced gaming solutions designed to keep your users engaged, every time. Business ProfileRestaurant managers can create and manage their business profiles, providing their details such as name, address, contact details, business hours, and more. With a tremendous demand and a ceaseless user base, investing in this remunerative silo might be your turnkey to enormous success. Order for OthersCustomers can place food orders for their family or friends via this section. Domain ExpertiseOur several years of experience in various niches drive us to offer a cutting-edge application, exclusively customized for your business. A range of restaurants listed to empower users to order from their favorite ones. AppDupe | 131 followers on LinkedIn. Our tech warriors are ready to challenge their dexterity by working on your project. It is mainly owed to its readily customizable and highly scalable nature. AppDupe. They can also view the ETA details. Hire our dedicated coders who strive to deliver only the very best of coding to ensure your product performs beyond expectations. One such notable sector that has gained the best interests of customers is the food delivery applications. The food delivery business began a decade ago, and none had the idea that this would become a huge success. Restaurant Chain AppStreamline and manage the operations of your restaurant chains by launching a high-end restaurant chain app. Add uniqueness to your venture with our solutions. They had kept me informed with every step, though there were some bugs that needed to be fixed at times they were on point with everything else. How to Build an On-Demand Food Delivery App. Our experts will perform end-to-end multi-stage testing as part of your software audit. Place Orders by Calling AdminEnable users to call your business directly to order food. Level 5, Tamarai Tech Park, The use of developing mobile apps has increased and used in all industries. Experience the ingenuity of our white label food delivery app solution. The in-app camera is used for this purpose. AppDupe creates the perfect Uber clone app by integrating two distinct apps: A passenger app and a driver app. Ratings & ReviewsCustomers can rate the delivery service availed and the food quality and taste. For added safety, our app development for restaurants includes an integration of COVID-19 safety features like contactless delivery, safety badges, selfie screening, and many more. Diverse variety of food items/ restaurants converged at a single platform. Each project is unique and we dedicate our time & resource to make you stand out from the rest. Yes, we know that Apple and Google keep coming out with new versions of their mobile OS's and other companies we clone from also keep updating their features and UX to stay up-to-date. Can I make enhancements in the app in the future? Similar to UberEats Clone, the grocery delivery solution Instacart Clone is also seeing a soar in its usage amid the current frightening times. Watch your app develop, right from the first wireframe to the last icon design. Bangalore, Karnataka 560001, India. Here, the order is dropped off by delivery drivers near the customers’ doorsteps, eliminating contact between customers and delivery-partners. Support After DeliveryWe not only stay with you during your app development and deployment but also support you post-launch for your business’s seamless functioning. Create Sub-adminsThe admin can create sub-admin profiles to give them limited access to the specific functioning of the app. He said that the team was very supportive and attended to all his queries throughout the development process. Get in touch with her if you have any queries related to visa, tickets and other travel hurdles that you might face. We could, so we did. Contactless DeliveryOur Food Delivery App Development process makes sures that the solution entitles the customers to opt for contactless delivery of their food orders. Take-outCustomers can not only avail of the delivery service, but also they can schedule take-outs. 3. We design and develop some of the most amazing applications to help your users experience the very best of technology. DeploymentThe fully customized app is tested to get rid of any possible bug or glitch. List of RestaurantsUsers are given a list of restaurants present near their locations. Dedicated SupportOur app development team will stay with you until the deployment of your app on all major app platforms, offering unmatched assistance. The final product was a success and exceeded his expectations. Connect with us to get a free proposal promptly! Our services and solutions are designed to provide top-notch results to our clients. Ransom Lelung from Nagaland on his project ‘Foodmorung.’ Our team of skilled developers coordinated with him for basic customization of our food delivery clone solution - UberEats clone to suit his business requirements. These are excellent ways to build customer loyalty among your target market. Available in both Android and iOS versions. Our online food delivery app development package includes separate panels for customers, delivery drivers, restaurants, and the admin. Order Through WebsitesCustomers can place their food orders not only from the apps but also from the websites. BrainstormingYou can connect with our business and share your app business idea to help us understand your needs better. We can provide you an exact cost estimate after understanding all your requirements and finalizing the above factors. The food delivery business is one of the vital contributors to the on-demand industry. Laden with a robust feature set and latest technology stack, it is undoubtedly an ideal option to consider for your food … We worked with them to develop a beauty services app - Glammy. Advanced SearchCustomers can browse for their favorite food items, cuisines, or restaurants using the smart search option. Bangalore, Karnataka 560001, India. Ashton reminisces his time about the collaboration of AppDupe. We have helped numerous clients like Fermin realize their potential. 2. Who are all involved in the development of my food delivery application? Level 5, Tamarai Tech Park, Assigning Order to DriversDelivery drivers can accept or reject food delivery requests sent to them. Launch a Top-notch Food Delivery Application, White Label Food Delivery App Development, Demo Of Our Advanced Food Delivery Application, Our 4-Step Food Delivery App Development Process, Boost Your Business Sales By Accepting Orders From All Means. Payment ProcessingUsers can pay for their orders through any of the multiple payment gateways in the app. Right from our first meeting to the launch of your app, we are your stable support system. Intuitive DashboardThe admin can manage all operations taking place in the other apps directly from the admin panel. You can alter the features and functionalities of your app any time you want. Order AlertsRestaurant managers are updated about the new orders via in-app pop-up notifications. Modernize your legacy system with our advanced enterprise software for state-of-the-art software integration. Manage OrdersThe admin can manage all orders processed by the restaurants registered with the app and their invoice details. Placing the OrderUsers can place their orders from any one of the restaurants listed by providing their delivery addresses. Yes. We provide end-to-end solutions, tailored for all your business needs. In-app Chat/CallCustomers can connect with delivery executives to enquire about their orders directly from the call or chat option in the app. Appdupe is a company of their word. White-label SolutionOur food delivery app allows white-labeling to help you readily rebrand the app as per your business needs. Call MaskingThe contact numbers of both customers and delivery drivers are masked when they connect over calls. We also extend the app storage as per your needs. Mobile apps drive the current era as the number of mobile users are now in billions. Integrating our solutions into your business ecosystem is sure to earn hefty profits, along with ensuring the safety of stakeholders involved in your business.

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