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REPLACE PACKING WHEN LEAKAGE CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY FURTHER TAKE-UP ON THE FOLLOWING GLAND. The stuffing box is a comparably simple and extremely robust shaft seal for WITTE gear pumps. There are 25 suppliers who sells stuffing box pump on, mainly located in Asia. IF THE STUFFING BOX HAS A LANTERN RING (SEE ILLUSTRATION ABOVE), make sure that the lantern ring, as installed, is slightly behind the fluid inlet so that it will move under the inlet as follower pressure is applied. A stuffing box separates the non-rotating parts from those that rotate. Calculated Stuffing Box Pressure DOUBLE SUCTION [Suction Pressure = Stuffing Box Pressure] To save this calculator to your desktop, in your browser use "view, source - save as text" or "save as source", then use "open, file" to view off-line. The pump stuffing box is used to control the product leakage from the pump along the shaft. TriVis® Stuffing Box Components Proper alignment of the plunger is critical to an extended wear life and correct flow conditions. offers 179 pump stuffing box products. 5. Its a easy seal and cheap than others, but when in daily use, there maybe face a problem, leakage from stuffing box. Shaft Sleeve There are 179 pump stuffing box suppliers, mainly located in Asia. IN PERSON PICK-UP ALLOWED, Our Phone Number is 800-748-1889 or 303-424-3551 The answer lies in … 9. A wide variety of pump stuffing box options are available to you, such as rubber, silicone. This can be designed, if necessary, as a double seal with buffering medium. B-4A Stuffing Box Packing A typical packed stuffing box arrangement is shown in Fig. Packing is then held in place and compressed by the ‘Gland’ to give a give a leak-tight seal. Mission Pump Parts, 2223-01-30 641116157, Mission Pump Spare Parts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Stuffing Box, Mech. It operates in working pressures up to 1,500 psi. Packed Stuffing Box. The following stuffing box sealing methods can be used, up to the temperatures listed. As an economic option for your production needs, our classic stuffing box has a unique misaligning feature that reduces the need for exact alignment with the pumping unit. It is important that the pump is designed properly to control the amount of liquid that leaks along the shaft at the point that the shaft penetrates the pump casing. 1. The material is closely packed or wound tightly around the propeller or pump shaft with threaded nut or spacer compressing it in place. Here bellow we list some points […] A stuffing box of a pump houses a gland that compresses the packing used to seal the pumped fluid. The dipping of each ring in lubricating oil before installation will help the packing, and careful attention given to the first running of the pump will add to the life of the packing and prevent any necessity for constant adjustment of the gland. The stuffing box prevents sea water from entering the boat's hull. Figure 3 8. Stuffing Boxes . Pumps DOE-HDBK-1018/1-93 CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS Stuffing Box In almost all centrifugal pumps, the rotating shaft that drives the impeller penetrates the pressure boundary of the pump casing. And ensuring stuffing box reliability and controlling the pump environment can mitigate many reliability issues. Pump Packing Application Data. Stuffing box reliability is critical to the condition and performance of the whole fluid sealing program. Inside the bore of the stuffing box houses gland packings and a lantern restrictor. Stuffing box seals are the most common type of pump rotor seals because they are adjustable and periodically restorable assemblies during operation. The purpose of this bushing is to prevent packing from extruding through the bottom of the stuffing box. The Stuffing Box from our Weir Wellhead Independent Line offers a cost-effective solution and fits most applications, making it a standard in the oil and gas industry. When centrifugal pumps were developed there was a need to prevent the pumpage from pouring out thru the open clearance between the pump casing back and the rotating shaft, which turns the impeller. When it comes to centrifugal slurry pump maintenance, a stuffing box is the best option for time-sensitive issues that may arise. But how do we accomplish this? Stuffing Box Arrangement. Single Pack Stuffing Box (SB) Original design; Superior and dependable performance; … About 20% of these are seals. thread819-59312: stuffing box pressure calcs My query is regarding stuffing box pressure for multistage centrifugal pump for following cases: case a) BB2 (double suction pump) - Pressurized dual seal - Seal plan : 11-53B-61 case b) BB5 pump with balancing line - Pressurized dual seal - Seal plan : 11-53B-61 For above cases, Stuffing box is a seal part used in slurry pumps, when pump with packing seal. The Stuffing Box is a cylindrical space in the pump casing surrounding the shaft. A wide variety of stuffing box pump options are available to you, such as automotive industry, family homes, and water treatment solutions. In most cases, it is recommended that specifications leave open the exact details about the number of rings or the size or type of packing and allow the pump manufacturer to make recommendations based on application experience. Rings of packing materials are used in the stuffing box space. Stuffing Box Sealing Maximum Temperature Degrees Farenheit Standard Packed Box 1) With internal seal passage, or no liquid to seal cage. Stuffing box pressure. It is a reliable option to hold your packing seals and shaft as well as keep your pumping system from leaking. Slurry Pump Expeller, Expeller Ring and Stuffing Box Compact progressive cavity pump is installed under the driving motor, the pump must be bearing housing type structure. Base Ring (Stuffing Box Bushing) When packing a pump, the base ring or stuffing box bushing is the first piece installed in the bottom of the stuffing box. The TriVis® Stuffing Box Component tolerances assure that the plunger will be in motion at the correct angle to reduce wear and maintain adequate pressures. 2. It consists of: A) Five rings of packing, B) A lantern ring used for the injection of a lubricating and/or flushing liquid, and C) A gland to hold the packing and maintain the desired compression for a proper seal. The "box" is a cylindrical assembly, typically of bronze, comprising a sleeve threaded on one end to accept adjusting and locking nuts. The importance of knowing the proper cleaning and packing procedures becomes evident during a shutdown event when you need to keep your pump running efficiently. You can also choose from mechanical seal, bellow seal. A braided packing made of expanded pure graphite with textile fiber is normally used; … The Stuffing box is a cylinder-shaped space in the pump casing around the pump shaft. The packed stuffing box is the simplest type of shaft seal, Figure 1D.. In most of the pumps, and even in the ship’s propeller shaft , the stuffing box consists of a stack of packing rings or a short square cross sectional rope made of greased flax. Before you solve this problem you need to find out what caused this. Stuffing box reliability is critical to the condition and performance of the whole fluid sealing program. It prevents leakage along the shaft that passes through a hole in the pump. It is a reliable option to hold your packing seals and shaft as well as keep your pumping system from leaking. Packing is the material in the form of rings or strands that is placed in the stuffing box to form a seal to control the rate of leakage around the shaft. Each ring should be installed separately and enter the stuffing box … 1) 250 2) With cold liquid to seal cage 2) 275 Water-cooled packed box 300* Standard or water-cooled packed box Triangle Pump Components Inc. manufactures the TriVis® Stuffing Box Components for the majority of plunger pumps. 314 stuffing box pump products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which pumps accounts for 1%. DAC Worldwide’s Sucker Rod Pump Stuffing Box Assembly Replica (295-406) is an economical, lightweight, and faithfully-reproduced representation of a common production wellhead stuffing box. Would you like to learn how to centre the stuffing box on a Warman® centrifugal slurry pump in just two minutes? The low profile features up to a 3 inch flex which reduces the need for exact alignment with the pumping unit. Seal for Centrifugal Pump, Gorman Rupp 60 Series Pump 12X12-14, Vertical Spindle Slurry Pump, Dewatering Sump Pump and so on. When you hear stuffing it usually means stuffing for turkeys, it may also suggest some misconceptions about stuffing boxes for pumps. A stuffing box separates the non-rotating parts from those that rotate. It consists of a stuffing box cavity with a restrictive “throat” bushing at the pumpage end, several rings of packing, a hollow spacer or lantern ring, several more rings of packing and a follower or gland. Based on the study of physical processes, a sealing mechanism model of the stuffing box seal is formed as a combination of two successive hydraulic resistances: a pre- Rear covers (Stuffing Boxes) are available in standard bore and big bore, in CF8M and CD4MCuN, in STX and MTX series. Stuffing box pressure will depend on whether the impeller has balance holes or back pumpout vanes, but if I recall correctly the general rule for an end suction single stage pump is Pstuffbox = Psuction + 0.25 x Pdifferential ie, suction pressure plus 1/4 of the pump differential pressure. In many small fiberglass boats, for example, the stuffing box is mounted inboard near the point the shaft exits the hull. A pump drive head for a progressing cavity pump comprises a top mounted stuffing box rotatably disposed around a compliantly mounted standpipe with a self or manually adjusting pressurization system for the stuffing box. The number of packing rings in the stuffing box, together with the size and type of packing vary by manufacturer. A stuffing box for a sucker rod pump assembly is disclosed that utilizes natural convection currents generated in a lubricating fluid reservoir mounted on the housing of the stuffing box and in fluid communication with the interior of the housing to continuously displace the heated lubricating fluid in the interior of the housing with cooled lubricating fluid from the reservoir.

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