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Review collected by and hosted on To know more about the platform, check out this video: Affiliate marketers using Impact Radius find it extremely easy to sign up to new affiliate programs. Very innovative and pretty user friendly. Many platforms don't allow this functionality or, if they do, they haven't mentioned this to our team. There is an inexpensive tool, MediaRails, that is very robust and helpful for these purposes but it would be nice if it was built into the Impact platform. I would like some of these affiliates to explain what they need in traffic? Sometimes the ticketing process is a bit slow or tends to fall off of the radar. They will even walk you through that. They basically offer you a commission either per customer sent or . Impact Radius houses hundreds of affiliate programs in different niches/verticals. Impact Radius Marketplace. They are a great partner in the space. Impact’s Partnership CloudTM provides automation for the full partnership lifecycle; confident decision making and optimization through measurement and attribution; and protection from fraud. Impact Radius houses hundreds of affiliate programs in different niches/verticals. To learn more visit I've appreciated the newsletters Impact sends over to keep our team educated. However, you need a bank account to get paid. And if you check out my Blog Income Reports, I now make over $80,000/month from this blog. I'll admit at first, I didn't think that Impact was going to work out. Definitely understand that you can unlock certain features and functions at a certain cost of using the platform but when you're working from the ground up with limited resources and budget, it's a bit of a bummer. Review collected by and hosted on For our distribution partners, the platform can be overwhelming. Impact Radius is the smarter way to manage digital marketing. a percentage of the sale that customer made. MVMT affiliate program is ideal, If you want to make money with your website or blog, you can join the Microsoft affiliate program, By signing up for the BigCommerce affiliate program, you can refer visitors to BigCommerce and earn, By joining the Eddie Bauer affiliate program, you can earn money with by driving, If you have a website, you can earn money by referring customers to when they make, By joining Kohl’s affiliate program, you can start earning a 3% commission on each qualified sale, By joining the Target affiliate program, you can partner with the eighth-largest retail company in, The Walmart Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn commissions by placing banner ads or text, By signing up for the Hotwire affiliate program, you can team up with the discount travel site to, Joining the Lenovo affiliate program is an excellent way to use your website or Blog to market, The technology for Levi's affiliate program is provided by Impact. We have been able to derive meaningful data that has helped us to optimize our costs, Identify top-performing partners. - Links are very easy to access and seem to always be up-to-date which is typically not the case with affiliate platforms. Our partners love it, too. Reviews to CBD affiliate review analyzed. For user side of things, dashboard can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren't familiar with the full scope of affiliate marketing. Southwest Vacations, Vitamin World, Ibotta, Adidas are just some of the top advertisers that have chosen Impact to build meaningful partnerships with affiliate marketers around the globe. The software helps in the growth of a company by checking their engagement and optimizing the performance. Keep your partners engaged and measure their performance. I really love all of the data we are able to get about each of our partners. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Other than that I really have enjoyed my experience with them. 12 Minute Affiliate Review- The Overview and Rankings. Currently, what do you believe costs more for that company? Benefits are huge - the platform is great, we can literally action everything that client requires to be up to speed with the fast changing affiliate environment. I think it would be nice if it will be flexible to any browser available. I have been trying to work with Impact for two and a half years--there are always, always technical bugs that prevent me from getting anything done. Review collected by and hosted on Impact Radius is now one of the ‘Big 3’ affiliate marketing networks that allow affiliate marketers to grow all of their partnerships in one single, intuitive platform. They all have a similar transactional base but a partnership grows with testing new strategies and the almost unlimited ways to build an IO allows for these tests to actually happen. Impact also provides a flexible contract management platform so we can dynamically set commission structures by partner and manage at scale. Founded in 2008 (by former founders of Commission Junction), Impact Radius differentiates itself from other affiliate marketers by being a solution-based SaaS (Software as a Service) resource for both publishers and advertisers. Impact Radius provides an open platform that is constantly evolving and innovating, based on the market, new media, as well as client and media partner feedback. Impact Banking Options – How Do Publishers Get Paid Through Impact? There are days when I get log on for at least an hour at a time which then slows down the work me team is doing for our brands. I'd wish for more account support in terms outside of tech support. Review collected by and hosted on I hope Impact report sections, especially under Partner, could have filter options. Review collected by and hosted on The benefits of this are to allow all members to see more success and enjoy their stay as an Impact member. I do not export reports very often though, so the effect is minimal. There are a handful of minor things that aren't intuitive. Impact Radius was built as a free-to-join SaaS platform to bridge the chasm between advertisers looking to maximize their ROI from global adspend and affiliate marketers who look for customer journey insights, cross-device tracking, as well as attribution modeling. All tracking, conversion path insights, commission changes, and some prospecting. Many of my accounts are sales and lead-based. Advertisers need tracking that goes beyond last click to compensate partners for their true value. They are very helpful, if it is not for you; you can always close the account. Research the Impact affiliate network! See user ratings and reviews … The look and feel of the dashboard is extremely pleasing while still being extremely practical. I've been using Impact for a year now. In my experience, onboarding is done through email which can cause confusion. There are no major problems with Impact - some tasks are just a bit complex such as creating commission groups or setting up different ways to incentivise publishers. We chose Impact as our affiliate network because of its superior reporting capabilities and the versatility and flexibility it offers in terms of tracking and attribution. We have collectively over 20K visitors a month and we still get declined for "too little traffic". Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate Review. Impact makes on-boarding of new partners easy and frictionless. Consider Impact as an option if you want a clean dashboard, ease of billing, and great customer service. I like how Impact actually takes its users' feedback into consideration and is always looking to improve and scale their program. The bottom line is, I’m really looking forward to many more years to come with Radius by Impact. Business partner of the seller or seller's competitor, not included in G2 scores. Review collected by and hosted on Close to 1000 merchants are already using the platform, many of which are non-US merchants too. Signing up for Impact Radius’ affiliate program is not only easy but also free. Only after we signed with Impact we were pitched their recruitment add-on "media rails" for outreach and recruitment. Having a uniform locking date across all programs on Impact doesn't make sense to me, so allowing each program to customize this around its own return policy means that commissions aren't being paid out on orders that have been returned. However, you need a bank account to get paid. They have a need to track many granular data sets and Impact is able to customize those; this has been the biggest benefit of partnering with Impact. You can sign up for partnership and referral programs offered by premium publishers by signing up as a partner on Impact Radius’ official website. Overall, everything so far with Impact has been good and I look forward to being able to use them everyday. Impact Radius is transforming how advertisers manage media and performance marketing partnerships. Review collected by and hosted on 66. - In addition, it would be nice to be able to view ads from a specific set of advertisers in the platform. Impact has by far been my favorite tool to work with for a number of reasons: Their UI is extremely intuitive and user friendly, their level of granular reporting has helped me reach client goals and lastly, the team at Impact has been the best i've ever worked with. Review collected by and hosted on The working sessions and support I received was refreshing. Therefore, I would recommend them to you too. They will likely have what you are looking for, and more. Right now, it's either ALL is selected or we have to tick specific partners. This has also allowed us to secure additional placements to promote our business. They're responsive and follow up on all inquiries even after solutions have been implemented. Sometimes loading issues effect the speed that reports load and this seems to make the dashboard time out on rare occasions. A few of the biggest retailers work through impact. Meet Impact’s Partnership Cloud Automate every type of partnership and scale to all new levels Partnership automation lets you expand your program and scale every type of partnership, including affiliates, influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, publishers, and more. After some time, I was more than impressed with my Impact account. The problems that I am solving with Impact are being able to find new outlets to work with and getting more traffic to look at our web page. I don't know what we'd do without Neil and his team. This benefits the company I work for by allow us to have more people looking at our page that allows for more chances at sales. Review collected by and hosted on Affiliate Links Are Ruining Gadget Reviews - Alex Rowe. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on This was probably the only letdown of the course for me. Product Development Lead & Client Success Manager. en. Impact Functionality – How To Get Started? - It seems that often times coupon codes or offers are listed in the text link section when they could simply be formatted correctly in order to make them coupons. When a critic posts an affiliate link for a product they’re reviewing, they’re now earning money directly from the sales of the thing you’re supposed to trust them to evaluate.That’s a big, obvious ethical issue. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Check out the free trials of these platforms, read online opinions, get clarifications from the maker, and do your investigation thoroughly. See our disclosure for more information. Affiliate performance tracking, enablement and management. Impact Radius reviews & ratings. Review collected by and hosted on It would be useful to be able to hide certain reports or sections that aren't relevant to our business to reduce complexity. You can sign up for partnership and referral programs offered by premium publishers by signing up as a partner on Impact Radius’ official website I can't wait to see how this help our entire viewpoint. The marketplace for finding new affiliate partners is complicated and difficult to use. The billing cycles can be confusing – there's an action lock out period, 30-day approval process and then the Net payment timeline – which all delays parter payouts. With this their data that they provide helps me personally figure out everything that I need. A full time salaried-and-commissioned salesman with a workplace, a corporate car, as well as a business bank card? Be ready to have your side of any technical integrations buttoned up so you get the most from the service. Review collected by and hosted on They follow up just to make sure that things are going well. Impact's customer service team is stellar. Review collected by and hosted on Impact helps me identify my highest performing partners, allowing me to prioritize my efforts and time. Impact Radius Review. Review collected by and hosted on ENGAGE. Review collected by and hosted on We have analyzed, rated, and reviewed Impact's best affiliate marketing programs. I like the fact that I can offer products and services to my readers and generate some revenue for doing so. Review collected by and hosted on Typically affiliate platforms are rough and disjointed but Impact has a very fluid user experience. As a publisher I would recommend for larger, established programs or pairing it with another prospecting tool like MediaRails. Review collected by and hosted on These were features we thought would be part of Impact. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review: The Cons. They are open to listening and trying to resolve any issues I had at start. The dashboards make grabbing important information for the team and my boss a piece of cake. Perhaps there is a reason for Filezilla, but having an interface option would make the process a little bit more user friendly. Impact Radius manage a number of high paying affiliate programs and by joining their marketplace as a media partner you gain access to these advertisers. Impact Radius is an affiliate marketplace. Impact the affiliate network was founded in 2008. Unlike other reviews, ours is based on actually using the affiliate software. If it worked well, it would be a great home base for multiple affiliate income streams. IR has a big scope compared to other Affiliate platforms that we've tried in the past. Impact Affiliate Program Reviews – Details, Commission Rates, And User Ratings. Since joining Impact Radius, we've been able to gain better quality partners and have strong visibility around our partnerships.Our affiliate program has become a more profitable and strategic channel for us over the past year. May 9, 2020 July 1, 2019 by Impact Marketer. IMPACT AFFILIATE NETWORK REVIEW EARN $$$$! Affiliate Partner consolidation was done through Impact Radius. Honestly found it frustrating to have to SEARCH BAR for "My Brands" page, adding a "My Brands" link and a Customer Service contact on the account member page would be nice. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Impact Radius has a very easy-to-use UI and great tracking capabilities - down to the conversion level. I didn’t find out about the other programs in the Radius by Impact network until sometime later. Aside from the product itself, Impact Radius' client support has been very helpful and patient in all our queries. I’m an Affiliate Manager turned Affiliate Marketer so I’ve seen both sides. This honest 12 Minute Affiliate review, with an insiders video, will reveal the truth about the program and let you make an informed decision about it. They are incredibly supportive, transparent, as well as helpful with anything that we need. The problems I am solving with Impact is to help others improve their user experience and gain better usage out of their Impact account. Review collected by and hosted on There's a question mark, which is the help center and I would say at one point that might be your best friend to learn what to do with your Impact account. Our one recommendation for improvement would be to able to manage more (affiliate) partner communication through the tool, via a direct ESP integration. We use both links and banners. In other networks, I need to run multiple reports to analyze my data. Phone verification: Unlike most other networks, Impact Radius takes a bit of time for approval. There are several aspects of the platform that can only be accessed through a search vs navigation of the platform - sometimes the search can be finicky. 4.2/5. Signing up on Impact Radius is completely free of cost. The team at IR is obviously very busy, but the team is smart, helpful, and tactful. I can also customize my dashboard and my reports based on my daily needs and tasks. Impact Partnership Cloud Reviews. The platform's tracking and reporting capabilities have been by far more advanced than what I've seen with other platform partners. I have worked in Affiliate Marketing for almost my entire career and have used many different software products within this vertical. For any process to action, they literally take out through step by step. We also run into issues with running app install campaigns. I know you will be just as happy with them, as I am. Review collected by and hosted on Then, choose a few systems that fit your needs. Impact Radius is more of a live and vibrant marketplace than just an affiliate marketing network. "I like the reporting capabilities. It's the best decision you'll make if you are wanting to manage a robust partner marketing program Review collected by and hosted on - Brand imagery is nice and all of the required brand info is easy to access. After seeing affiliates raking it in, I launched this site in January 2019. Review collected by and hosted on I know things can only improve from here. They are helpful and paitence and provide strategy as well as tactical support. It's great to be able to pay out partners on a desired action instead of the standards we see with other platforms. Connect directly with a global platform of advertisers through the Impact marketplace and gain direct access to your data through APIs or our full suite of performance reporting. Pricing also seems a bit backwards by pegging to activity. Review collected by and hosted on Need to upload conversions via FTP which is time-consuming and would need someone with technical expertise for the same. 4.1/5. If those functions aren't currently available, the Impact team helps find ways on how we can work around current settings which not only help you grow as a marketer but also helps them see the could be "next big thing". Review collected by and hosted on The affiliate network gives a commission in return for you sending customer to their website site. Dynamic reporting, attribution, click-paths are all great via Impact Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on For example, there’s a white label option so our clients can have a fully-branded affiliate experience. The ability to reach larger more traditional affiliate partners. I am able to give real time reporting results to clients and assessments on how advertisers are doing in the space using the tool. It is a great product and the user interface is better than any other product I've used on the market. Therefore, having the affiliate programs located under one roof is a lifesaver. Review collected by and hosted on An area for improvement is the onboarding process for new affiliates. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on In addition to tracking through an affiliate link, we've been able to track our offline channels because of their unique domains tracking. Review collected by and hosted on The look and feel of the dashboard is extremely pleasing while still being extremely practical. In this Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m going to talk about a platform that is all over the internet. The team is great to work with. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on You need an affiliate and partnership platform that can handle your nuanced program requirements. Impact digital marketing platform is a platform that enables significant improvement in the return on global advertising spend for brands and agencies, it provides a fully-integrated suite of products for media attribution, performance marketing, tag management and mobile analytics. Impact Radius was built as a free-to-join SaaS platform to bridge the chasm between advertisers looking to maximize their ROI from global adspend and affiliate marketers who look for customer journey insights, cross-device tracking, as well as attribution modeling. There are intuitive, robust reporting tools that allow you to dig into by partner metrics, look at referral traffic, and fins helpful insights about the conversion path of customers. I love that they also allow me to pick and choose who I would like to work with by keeping it simple in the market place. Name: 12 Minute Affiliate; Owners: Devon Brown (50 out of 100) Website URL:; Type: Affiliate Marketing System; Training: 30 out of 100; Success Stories: … See our disclosure for more information. Its developers understand that legacy affiliate networks are costly and opaque with outdated technology. It seems to be an all-or-one situation. Reach outs and Content Management are also done through this platform. The minimum payment threshold is $25, although you can set it anywhere between $25 and $5,000. Read at least a few ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Software reviews and mull over the factors that you desire in the software such as the fees, main tools, available integrations etc. Housing all comm under one roof would only further streamline our affiliate management. Impact Radius Verticals – Find Your Favorite Niche, The platform offers more than 500 affiliate programs, with a vast majority of these programs belonging to, , travel, insurance, and education verticals. About About About Impact Contact Careers Press releases. However, it is sometimes annoying that to access brand info you have to go to the brands tab and search the brand you're looking for. All you have to do is fill in a form on the site with the required information. They are ON IT at Impact! Affiliates are so much more than an afterthought to our marketing mix now—they're an essential component to how we go to market and bring the Taylor Stitch brand to life. Review collected by and hosted on My other suggestion would be to allow for order modification files to be sent via the Impact interface, rather than through Filezilla. However, the process is easy only in terms of the work that it entails; Impact Radius follows a strict selection process with its applicants and their applications, unlike most other networks. [Impact Mailing Club Review 2020] Make Money From Home with Direct Mail The Postcard Tycoon 2020 - Duration: 15:36. It also helps in the quality control of applicants, since they keep historical information on each affiliate. This allows you to tailor commission rates to fully loaded costs, by partner, and tweak marketing spend in other channels. 1356 COMPANIES! Review collected by and hosted on Get opinions from real users about Impact Partnership Cloud with Capterra. The Insights reporting is not always intuitive and their help docs could use more frequent updating to align with changes made to the platform. ** Formerly Impact Radius. Their support team and reporting dashboard are outstanding. Review collected by and hosted on Review collected by and hosted on Although I really have enjoyed my experience with Radius by Impact there are some things, that I wish were adjusted on my account or were at least improved. We also have a dynamic platform for managing partner contracts and setting flexible commissions that doesn't require ongoing legal or finance review. But, what I love most are the additional capabilities they provide like MediaRails which has made communicating with our publishers and prospecting new ones much easier to manage. We previously had a lot of reporting issues and lacked transparency as to where our revenue was being generated. Plus, as a beginner, I am happy to announce that I have seen success with Radius by Impact. The custom reporting suite allows us to easily generate and deliver relevant insights to business partners on time while the messaging center and contact lists allows us to seamlessly keep track of our relevant outreach and partner responses. Some of the redirects or reporting titles are not the same throughout the website which can cause confusion for members of 3rd party teams (affiliate marketing agencies, etc.). At present, around 1000 advertisers use Impact to handle their performance marketing partnerships, along with thousands of affiliate marketers that use the platform to find partnership opportunities. Explore 11 verified user reviews from people in industries like yours and narrow down your options to make a confident choice for your needs. Host a variety of ad formats that suit your partners needs and mix (banner ads, text links, email templates, etc). And this is where I was able to learn what this is all about. Showing 5 of 13 reviews. Most of the merchants on the Impact Radius network choose. Review collected by and hosted on Overall, it would be helpful if reports and product catalog ads could have filter options like contains, equals, and does not contain. This is nice because it saves me time from having to manipulate data in Excel to see it in a usable way. We are slowly implementing analytics to the platform for a better view. —30+ days ago. Therefore, I would recommend Impact to friends and family. This would give greater insight as to when transactions were modified, and it can be useful for differentiating between pre and post-reversal numbers. In this Wealthy Affiliate vs Clickbank University review, I’m going to give you a head-to-head comparison of these two popular internet marketing training platforms. Review collected by and hosted on So, indeed I'm happy to say that I didn't give up on this platform. I like that client data is easily made available to you in real-time and client support is always in contact to give you assistance when we are running into issues with reporting. With any action reporting, it'd be great to see a total at the top of the report instead of downloading it. Only because, I wasn't seeing any changes to my balance or improvements to my account. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways, and my personal favorite, to monetize a YouTube channel.. You get much higher earnings than a few cents per click, and some affiliate programs like the ones I’m going to show you in this article can pay you up to 100$ for each person you refer, or even better they’re willing to pay you each month for everyone who signed up using your link. It also ensures partners are properly attributed for their referrals. Sign in Request a demo. 简体中文. Taylor Stitch uses Impact to run our affiliate marketing program. As an affiliate partner, you can choose to be get paid either on the 1st of the month or on the 15th of the month. I use Impact to dig into performance data in affiliate programs. Payments are made by Impact Radius once the threshold is reached or on a day specified by the partner/affiliate.

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