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Aluminum box with rounded edges gives K5 pro a clean look. The board is heavily guarded by a huge plastic cover, a very industrial build and all parts are very solidly installed. By comparison, K5 PRO has more driving power, is slightly leaner, with less overall warmth, has a wider soundstage, and more driving power, more kick and more dynamics. Recommended headphone impedance 16-300Ω This makes it very easy to … The K5 Pro is a fairly straight forward input/output system that does away with the original dock on the top panel and instead integrates a DAC into the amp design. About me FiiO K5 PRO gives a nice boost to your desktop setup, by having a Desktop-Class DAC, a Heavy Duty Headphone Amplifier, and a friendly price point of just 150 USD. This has me seriously reconsidering my purchase but I don't even know what SINAD even means. When you use the RCA outputs they are actually bypassing the gain switches. D20 uses a toroidal transformer for a better power filtering, K5 PRO relies on an external switching power supply. Fiio K5 Pro : forte puissance d'amplification . This seems to be the new trend for some higher-end portable gears recently as well. ‌When it came to using more power-hungry headphones like the Mr. Technical Specifications It drives IEMs too, but give the price point, it will get compared to FiiO K3, Lotoo Paw S1, and even Earmen TR-AMP, which is almost twice as pricy, but to which K5 PRO is an interesting, more budget alternative. MAX Output Current>500 mA The K5 Pro has a similar clean but not harsh signature to the K5 due to the similar amplifying circuitry. K5 Pro to kompaktowe, solidne urządzenie, które nie wymaga dużo miejsca, będąc idealne na Twoje biurko. Buttons on the front move around a bit inside of their respective slots. FiiO K5 Pro. Posted by 6 months ago. It was because of the quality and performance of the BTR3 that I knew the Fiio K5 Pro would be fantastic and I wasn’t let down. FiiO K5 PRO ($159 USD) VS Loxjie D20 ($240) D20 is a bit bigger, heavier, uses a tiny screen on the front panel to show some important information. It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with FiiO. Description Features Specifications AKM AK4493EQ DAC chipsThe K5 Pro is equipped with AKM’s AK4493EQ DAC chips - known for its smooth, pleasant yet detailed sound due to its high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. Like the older K5, the K5 Pro outputs impressively high power and features a fairly low 2Ω output impedance so that it works with basically anything below 300Ω. If you have one of them or even both i would like to hear your opion. When you connect the M11 to the K5 Pro you will immediately hear a much stronger punch, better staging, and more solid kicks. The circuit’s good technical capabilities, easy implementation, and high slew rate allow the amp stage to handle sensitive IEMs and demanding cans at ease while keeping cost low. Color Silver / Black If you are looking for a DAC Amp to drive your big headphones the K5 Pro is technically much superior with a higher-end decoding chipset. Learn how your comment data is processed. FiiO K3 … Being said the core competence of the K5Pro is its amp section, you will get better results with stronger sources so when you use your higher end DAPs as a DAC, lineout to the K5Pro you may get higher quality outputs. Maybe something like the Toblerone-shaped Loxjie D10 is more suited to those who find modern art interesting, but to most K5 PRO will simply look outstanding. FiiO K5 PROが発売されている様ですね。 Amazonでは、結構海外のレビューがあがってる様ですが… 特徴 旭化成エレクトロニクス製DAC「AK4493EQ」搭載。低ノイズ・低歪と高出力を両立 USBコントローラーにXMOS製「XUF208」を採用。 0 点 Fiio has long made excellent products in this segment. There is a very faint background noise, at zero attenuation, but this isn’t audible with most headphones. I am an old-school guy and I like the simplest DAC/Amp units, especially desktop ones that can be wall-powered. One decent pairing I find is the recently released HP1000 from Soundmagic, a robustly built metallic headphone with a massive soundstage. Volume Scroll Potentiometer+ADC Sampling Switches on the front … The performance with other digital inputs may differ. Up to 32-bit, 768kHz. This is where I noticed that the background noise for K5PRO is existent, but very very faint. That will be good news to users of sensitive IEMs or some small cans. Any headphones that have more bass in the tuning or bass texture will be a good match and benefit from K5 Pro’s power. I would like to know, if I connect the FiiO m11pro to the K5 pro via usb Audio, will it only work with the FiiO music app or can I use the tidal app as well? …, © Copyright 2020 Audiophile-Heaven. The HD600 sounds dull on many small amps but K5 Pro feeds the hungry beasts with solid output power, getting its mojo back while bringing some punchy bass and a peppy treble. OP-AMP TPA6120LPF What to look in when purchasing a high-quality entry-level DAC Headphone Out/RCA line-Out) 4.7 out of 5 stars 437. Together, the presentation is spacious, balanced in tonality and with very little coloration. In this review we are going through the new I/Os, check the new standalone DAC function and tests how well the K5 Pro handles big cans and IEMs! (516g) Knobs, buttons, and connections: JDS ATOM – Good, if a bit flimsy. I am an old-school guy and I like the simplest DAC/Amp units, especially desktop ones that can be wall-powered. Since you lose the gain function if connecting anything to the RCA outputs, and the headphones keep going, you should disconnect your IEMs if you don’t want to burn them, if you will turn the volume all the way up for your speakers. The unit does not get very hot during usage, it tends to be pretty ergonomic and good looking, and the power output is clean, without any issues like random noise bursts. I have read some other reviews commenting that outputs did not sound very good compared to HP output. DAC - Desktop. FiiO K5 PRO gives a nice boost to your desktop setup, by having a Desktop-Class DAC, a Heavy Duty Headphone Amplifier, and a friendly price point of just 150 USD. Auf Lager, sofort lieferbar! K5 PRO will work with sharp headphones, Hifiman Arya are almost sharp sounding but were tamed nicely with the FiiO. The K5 Pro has a very friendly 1x gain factor so sensitive IEMs were also tested. Thanks in advance 53. Didn’t test the Tone Board, nor the Atom or Schiit stacks. The price is having much less driving power, but it works better with IEMs, where you need a more granular volume control. On low gain, it works pretty well with easy-to-drive earphones and buds including the ikko OH1 which sounds quite opened up. The K5 Pro runs on a 4-level audio circuit including a low-pass filter. ― Reviews, Comparisons & Insight On Audio! The volume wheel has lights around it, and if it doesn’t look the best from all the DAC/AMPs in the entry-level area, I don’t know what else does. Crosstalk≥75 dB (1 kHz) The new K5 PRO sounds considerably more natural, and if you want to do the update, I totally recommend doing so, because with K5 PRO, the bass is clean, deep and has a hint of warmth when it is called for. Being realistic we are not reviewing anything $500 and the K5 Pro actually delivers very good dynamics and value as an all-in-one solution. An affordable desktop DAC/Amp, designed to drive power-hungry headphones or act as a bridge for your hi-fi system. If it is more or less an analogue pass though, how does the volume control work as this appears to use an ADC? FiiO K5 PRO vs Earmen TR-AMP (150 USD vs 250 USD) – Earmen TR-AMP is a portable DAC/AMP and it has a battery inside, it has more roles, and a separate power input, that works from a type-c cable, so it can be powered bt two of your computer’s USB ports, which looks better, especially if you’ll want to take it on-the-go sometimes, being easier to disconnect and to reconnect. Amplifier - Desktop. It’s build quality is excellent and feels like it will last. The K5 Pro is a fairly straight forward input/output system that does away … On the front, we find an input selector, gain selector, and 6.35 mm headphone out. The topology is also surprisingly neat as well. Stereo Crosstalk ≥75 dB at 1 kHz. Technically FiiO has actually slimmed down some areas from the old E09K back panel. It was because of the quality and performance of the BTR3 that I knew the Fiio K5 Pro would be fantastic and I wasn’t let down. The lowest gain level makes use of the hardware gain circuit so as not to compromise dynamic range and fidelity. Midy Greaty Soundy - Audiosense AQ3 IEMs Review, Pure Monitors - Fischer AMPs Rhapsody FA-4E XB IEMs Review,,,,,, Two Hands, Two Great – Brainwavz HM100 Headphones & BLU-300 BT IEMs Review, True Android Power – Hiby R6 DAP Music Player Review, The partabile – FiiO M11 DAP Player Review, Crazy Clear Views – Underwood HIFI LSA HP-1 Headphones Review, Radically Smooth – Meze RAI Penta Hybrid Earphones Review, New Day, New Budget Wonder – HIFIMAN Deva Planar Headphones Review. The K5 Pro doesn’t have a bass boost, but like the E10K, it’s gain switch is a bit easier to flick on and off than the circular configurations on the K3. Introduction FiiO K5PRO Desktop DAC and Amplifier with high performance AK4493 DAC chips for the ultimate in decoding performance, supporting up to 768kHz/32bit and native DSD. You can toggle between signal inputs such as USB/coaxial(SPDIF), RCA line-in, in a very simple and efficient manner. It’s build quality is excellent and feels like it will last. To add to the value / experience, it has a great build quality (since I smashed mine on concrete, and it still works without an issue), and it has a multi-purpose design, working both as a headphone DAC/AMP, but also as a desktop-class DAC that can give signal to go to your speakers. The main competitors include Lotoo PAW S1, Earmen TR-AMP, and FiiO K3. Full Playlist used for this review If you are following FiiO closely you will remember the K5 non-pro docking station where you sat an X-series FiiO DAP to work as a standalone DAC. This review reflects my personal experience with FiiO K5 PRO. With headphones that demand more power, for example, the K701 from AKG, I can barely hear any background noise on the middle gain mode. We thank FiiO for this opportunity. The K5 Pro has more than sufficient power for planars, perhaps a bit too clean and fast and lacks emotion for my streaming content and playlists. The strong output power makes its vocal presentation more solid and a bit more upfront. Headphone Out/RCA line-Out): Electronics Youtube Playlist Functionality. The K5 PRO unit is beautiful, made of aluminium, and quite heavy, at 436 grams, being a desktop unit in a very specific way. This makes it very easy to recommend for pairing with a large selection of Headphones, including Ultrasone Signature DXP, Rosson RAD-0, and even Sennheiser HD660S. I’d like to thank FiiO for providing the sample for this review. DAC - Desktop. Despite looking nearly identical to the much older model, the new K5 Pro returns with a new DAC built-in that will take most any source with a digital or analog unbalanced output. The USB driver is quite universal, and depending on your current configuration, it may work even driverless, as it does for me, on my current desktop computer, and although FiiO gave up on their docking thing from the original K5, the K5 PRO ends up being a much better overall device, all in all making more sense. I will use for powered speakers 90% of the time, so the DAC is more important for me than a high powered amp section. Gain 0/6/10dB Sadly, for the past years FiiO … I find the new K5 Pro slightly warmer than K5’s output and everything seems more clearly outlined than just being amplified. The 1.5W at 32 OHMs is an insane amount of power at this price level, and even if you throw random hard to drive cans, like the Crosszone CZ-1, it still does a stellar job. Sound Quality It also uses a more advanced AK4497 chip but a much weaker headphone amp section. I would recommend disconnecting your earphones to prevent any damage during this option because of the loss of gain functionality. Spdif in Up to 192kHz Like the original E9, the K5 Pro is built with power in mind and should be capable of giving your demanding in-ear monitors and some headphones a solid boost. As the name suggests, the FiiO K5 Pro is an updated version of the first K5, which replaced the FiiO E09K. Add to Cart. All Rights Reserved.Created with ❤ by George Dobrescu, FiiO K5 PRO gives a nice boost to your desktop setup, by having a Desktop-Class DAC, a Heavy Duty Headphone Amplifier, and a friendly price point of just 150 USD. While we listened to considerably more songs than those named in this playlist, those are excellent for identifying certain aspects of the sound, like PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality. Buy FiiO K5 Pro Desktop Amplifier & DAC from this official store Description Specifications Compare Check this link >>>Parameters Check this link >>>Comparison between FiiO K5 Pro, K5 & FiiO K3 There is no balanced circuit design so no XLR, 4.4mm or 2.5mm TRRS, sadly. This makes it very easy to recommend for pairing with a large selection of Headphones, including, FiiO’s simply a known company at this point, and if you don’t know who they are, I invite you to read more about them in one of the articles. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in FiiO K5 PRO find their next music companion. Sadly, for the past years FiiO forget about this segment and sincerely they Imagine this as a very lean soccer player who moves around with agility and finesse. The FiiO K5 Pro is the latest generation of a solid-state amplifier that started way back in 2012 with the E9 and directly replaces the K9 dock system from 2016. I underline that the device is not for those who love colored sound. Everything sounds more lively and punchy at the maximum gain, I do not recommend using it at low gain, unless absolutely necessary because you don’t have enough volume control. It can be used as a DAC only or AMP only, but where it really shines is when it’s used as a whole. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Despite being a pretty average Dynamic-Driver based Headphone, it is hard to control well, and most sources tend to make it shouty, or bloat the bass, or make it loose, unless the source has good control, at lower impedances. that works, if you have very sensitive ears this may be a great feature. Close. FiiO K5 Pro vélemények. It has gain selectors, to attenuate the volume, since it has a HUGE power output, so you won’t burn your IEMs or sensitive headphones, and it relies on an AKM AK4493 + OP-AMPs from TI. 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