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For more information about a charm, refer to his own page. But every time I reach endgame, I completely stuck. Vitality  : 15 (65 life) See THIS PAGE for more information about Kurast 3000 BA. This does not mean the mod has less customized skill builds compared to the original game, you can still take skills from other skilltrees as long as the prerequisites are met. 2:17:41. The mode of the test scores was 84. But the death god's power comes at a price... Tearing open a rift to the plane of death itself, the adept bloodwitch unleashes a torrent of searing blood and magma upon her enemies. 12 3 29 Next. ... hello everyone, i just came back to playing median xl and made a new online character (i was playing sp ages ago) i noticed that my character is a ladder one, it was checked by default, does this mean that i will lose everything in a couple months? Warning - several maps and possibly some location informations may be outdated, any help updating it is welcome. 909 Topics 19398 Posts Last post HELP!! Be warned, the Goddess of the Hunt demands total dedication to her path. At the bloodwitch's call and with Kharos' help, this spirit of vengeance throws open the gates of death. Due to the religious schism dividing the remaining paladins, you have to choose between Holy (Honor, Light) and Unholy (Wicked, Shadow) skills - once you pick one side, you may never learn skills from the other side. The energy contained within it is so powerful that it manifests itself as an expanse of deadly lightning. For detailed information, check out the official website at http://modsbylaz.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/, http://modsbylaz.planetdiablo.gamespy.com/, https://diablo2.diablowiki.net/index.php?title=Median_XL_Classes_and_Skills&oldid=12719, Defensive Harmony - passive: slows enemies that attempt to attack you, Summon Fire Elementals - summons many small fire spirits that heal the party, Balance - passive: adds points to defence rating, Pact of Blood - incoming physical damage heals the party instead of causing damage, Wings of Wrath - passive: increases run speed and stamina, Curare - passive: your weapon attacks poison the target, Paragon - passive: vitality bonus for each gem equipped, Spirit of Vengeance - corpse spirit that summons random allied monsters, Triumphant Strike - attack that raises defence and attack speed, Prowl - creep up to target and deliver a poison strike, Pounce - teleport to target and hit nearby enemies, Lightswarm - spear attack that unleashes swarming light bolts, Starstreak - javelin that pierces and heals you while throwing, Ricochet - javelin that does not hit enemies directly, but bounces off walls, Enfilade - press and hold button to throw a flurry of javelins, Fairy Ring - turns a corpse into a ring of effigies that attack enemies, Ghost Arrow - arrow that pierces through walls, Barrage - shoots arrows in random directions, Phalanx - summons a line of spirit archers, Wraith Arrow - arrows that unleash homing phantoms, Death Ray - casts a continuous magic beam, Bloodlust - increases damage and elemental damage of the party, Bloodstorm - magical vortex that shoots a barrage of bloodstars at enemies, Magic Missiles - casts multiple homing magic bolts, Blink - teleport to target spot, stunning nearby enemies, Starburst - throw multiple homing shuriken, Premeditation - passive: reduces cooldown on timered skills, Rain of Bombs - target point is hit by a barrage of explosives, Perfect Being - passive: grants a chance that incoming attacks miss, Beacon - periodically aims a nuclear bomb at a random nearby location, Way of the Gryphon - passive: adds lightning damage to attacks, improves lightning skills, Phase Bomb - time bomb lowers enemy resistances, but using a weapon kills you, Scorpion Blade - enchants throwing knives to deal poison damage, Storm Crows - throw multiple homing knives, Wychwind - knife that creates a rift field on impact, but weakens the user, Maelstrom - knife that emits multiple spike novas, Broadside - devastating knife barrage that temporarily disables ranged skills, Seal of Fire - trap that irradiates nearby enemies with fire damage, Rune of Ice - trap that unleashes a freezing blast when tripped, Nova Bomb - time bomb that explodes as a powerful nova, Immolation Bomb - time bomb that explodes as a ring of fireballs, Singularity - trap that creates a black hole, Batstrike - melee attack that summons bats or converts enemies, Crucify - melee attack that unleashes homing spikes, Queen of Blades - periodically casts bouncing shuriken at enemies, Hades Gate - teleport into target corpse, damaging nearby enemies, Doom - curse: adds points to physical damage taken, Way of the Spider - passive: adds poison damage to attacks, improves poison skills, Shadow Refuge - power attack that temporarily raises speed and damage reduction, Black Lotus Strike - melee attack that unleashes a poisonous nova, Death Blossom - melee attack that unleashes a fiery nova, Way of the Phoenix - passive: adds fire damage to attacks, improves fire skills, Guard Tower - guard tower that shoots arrows at your enemies, Berserk Fury - passive: increases attack, run, block, and hit recovery speed, Fortress - creates a ring of guard towers, Spirit Guide - passive: being a near summoned spirit increases damage, Mountain King - passive: percentage bonus to all attributes, Kraken Stance - adds fire, cold, and lightning damage, Runemaster - passive: defence bonus for each socketed rune, Shamanic Trance - increases number and power of summoned spirits, Ancient Blood - passive: increases life and maximum skill levels, Lion Stance - stance: increases damage done, Snake Stance - stance: adds poison to weapon attacks and slows targets, Bear Stance - stance: increases defence but disables ranged skills when active, Eagle Stance - stance: rapidly regenerates lost life, Guardian Spirit - guardian spirit with various throwing skills, Defender Spirit - defender spirit that retaliates with knockback when struck, Protector Spirit - protector spirit with a powerful attack and a Bloodlust spell, Greater Manifestations - passive: summon more and stronger spirits, Shaman's Path - passive: your battle stances affect summoned spirits and allies, Titan Strike - melee attack that raises strength, dexterity, and regenerates lost life, Bloodhatred - frenzy attack that rapidly drains life, but steals it back on striking, Thunder Slam - melee attack that unleashes a stunning shockwave, Shower of Rocks - melee attack that pounds the target with boulders, Earthquake - when Bloodhatred is active, creates a devastating rolling wave, Bear Claw - throw an axe that stuns and pierces through enemies, Rebound - axe that deals no damage, but splits on striking a wall, Eagle Dive - throw an axe in an arc at the target, lowering resistances on impact, Hawk Talons - trap that launches a storm of axes when triggered, Blindside - shoots a powerful stunning arrow at a random enemy, Cascade - shoots arrows at all nearby enemies, Spore Shot - arrow that repeatedly splits on striking, Elfin Arrows - passive: increases damage and deadly strike with bows, Force of Nature - passive: increases spell damage based on your strength, Faerie Fire - sparkling trail damages enemies and increases avoid, Tremor - earthquake damages enemies by a percentage, Elemental - running fire spirit that explodes on the target, Hunting Banshee - spirit chases random enemies and unleashes a frost nova, Pagan Rites - sacrifices corpses in flames, restoring lost life, Fire Fountain - scatters explosive fire bombs around the caster, Hailstorm - targets an enemy and calls down an ice storm, Poison Flash - short ranged poison splash around the caster, Circle of Life - passive: returns life when you kill an enemy, Plague Avatar - floating avatar surrounded by poison clouds, Gamma Field - poison field that slowly damages enemies to death, Summon Acid Fiends - frenzied creatures with a poison splash attack, Charm - converts enemies to fight for you, Call Leprechaun - summons a hostile fairy with a ranged blade to charm, Havoc - passive: increases the radius of your Charm and commands, Dominate - converts a single enemy for a longer time, Elvensong - elfin minion that periodically charms nearby enemies, Killer Instinct - Command: charmed minions inflict bonus damage, Culling of the Herd - Command: charmed minions die quickly when attacked, Brambles - Command: enemies attacking charmed minions take damage, Thrill of the Hunt - Command: charmed minions deal crushing blow, Summon Shadows - shadow minions with an aura that increases life and regeneration, Summon Darklings - small but numerous insectoid minions, Summon Rampagor - large and tough minion with a poison attack, Summon Lamia - flying minion with a curse that adds to damage, Void Archon - single powerful minion with a damage increasing slow aura, Necromantic Trance - temporarily increases number and statistics of minions, Rathma's Chosen - target minion is invulnerable and deals massive magic damage, Death Ward - passive: increases defence and grants a chance to avoid damage, Buckshot - fires a short ranged crossbow blast, Angel of Death - leap attack that adds damage and inflicts lethal poison, Widowmaker - target minion fires a barrage of homing crossbow bolts, Soulshatter - destroys target minion and emits a weapon damage shockwave, Deathstrike - crossbow attack that calls down a dark energy beam, Unholy Armor - short duration invulnerability shield, Sacrifices - summons prisoners and kills them for corpses, Famine - passive: increases damage and adds lifesteal, Bend the Shadows - teleport to target minion, taking other minions with you, Talon's Hold - passive: slows targets and reanimates them as Rathma Priests, Death's Fury Totem - totem effect: adds fire, cold, and lightning damage, Blood Tide Totem - totem effect: increases maximum life, Mana Tide Totem - totem effect: speeds up mana regeneration, Elemental Totem - totem effect: increases elemental and spell damage, Howling Totem - totem effect: increases physical damage and causes targets to flee, Totemic Mastery - passive: increases maximum number and life of totems, Frostclaw Totem - totem effect: casts homing waves of ice flame, Fireheart Totem - totem effect: casts multiple firebolts at a rapid rate, Exploding Totem - totem effect: detonates when destroyed, stunning and damaging enemies, Stormeye Totem - totem effect: casts a continuous stream of lightning, Vessel of Judgement - automatically casts energy bolts at nearby enemies, Rapture - temporarily increases all character speeds, Light and Shadow - passive: improves your Vessel of Judgement based on alignment, Holy Armor - temporary invulnerability shield, Hymn - party gains life on successful melee attacks, Plague - passive: adds poison to weapon attacks, Retaliate - melee attack that releases a shockwave when struck, Holy Insanity - curse: lengthens window of opportunity to retaliate against cursed foe, Retribute - melee attack that breaks enemy resists when struck, Lionheart - increases damage and defence but slows running speed, Blessed Life - passive: reduces damage taken and speeds up healing potions, Searing Orb - casts a blast of holy light at target point, Holy Trap - magical ward that explodes into holy fire when stepped on, Wrath - circle of fireballs that deal fire and physical damage, Vindicate - curse: killing cursed foe heals party and increases damage, Terror Strike - melee attack that empowers subsequent elemental attacks, Black Sleep - melee attack that converts enemies to fight evil, Lemures - melee attack that unleashes homing cold spirits, Blood Thorns - melee attack that unleashes burning nails, Shadowfiends - shadow minions that increase the party's spell damage on attack, Tainted Blood - infects caster or target ally with healing poison, Mind Flay - chaos energy beam that explodes on the target, Punisher - slow moving death bolt of poison, Slayer - shadow creature guards an area with unholy bolts, Dark King - passive: bonus to all attributes, Moonstrike - melee attack that adds damage and increases life, Wiccaning - passive: increases maximum mana and spell levels, Arcane Torrent - energy wave that deals more damage when low on mana, Mana Sweep - steals mana and damages enemies based on mana lost, Starfire - randomly directed energy streams that lower resistances, Time Field - slows movement and attack of enemies in the field, Full Force - passive: increases spell damage when mana is full, Bladestorm - melee attack that unleashes homing magical swords, Diseased Cattle - summon multiple randomly placed cows that emit disease, Venomous Spirit - slow moving death spirit of poison, Hex - curse: hits by cursed monsters increase your damage, Carpet of Spiders - casts hundreds of spiders in all directions, Hive - periodically creates poisonous swarms when approached, Forked Lightning - casts multiple snaking lightning bolts, Static Orb - lobs an orb in an arc which explodes upon impact into charged bolts, Lightning Wall - wall of lightning that dischages when touched, Warp Armor - passive: increases defence rating and causes attacks to miss, Nova Charge - periodically casts shock novas when enemies are nearby, Frozen Soul - casts a freezing bolt at a random enemy, Shatter the Flesh - detonates a corpse, freezing and damaging enemies, Cold Fear - causes nearby enemies to flee, Abyss - surrounds target point with a spiral of frost, Summon Ice Elementals - summons ice spirits with a freezing nova attack, Flamefront - casts multiple exploding fireballs, Flamestrike - calls down a blast of flame, Pyroblast - fireball that sets flame to the area around impact, Illumination - passive: increases all spell and physical damage. For the few remaining devotees of the triple gods on Skartara, a warrior's life is too precious to waste. Once activated, the minion will remember the pet command, so you can switch to an attack skill or a different pet command. Simply put this in the Horadric Cube and transmute. None shall surprise the amazon warrior and none shall attack first. The faith of the amazon people was considered to be a triune religion centred around the ancient deities Hefaetrus, Karcheus and Zerae, each representing one of the elements of nature. This arrow unleashes upon enemies: the fiery fury of Hefaetrus, the frozen wrath of Skovos, and the shocking blitz of Philios. The most popular Diablo II overhaul modification. Register Start a Wiki . Posts: 6,488 . The Amazon, Assassin and Barbarian, being melee-classes have a higher block chance, 25%. Energy  : 15 (15 mana). Median XL has 2 repositories available. Adding new class to MedianXL. Vitality  : 25 (75 life) 6. Multiplayer . Fangskin Scales Greaves (Sacred) Defense: (2481 to 2799) Required Strength: 297 Required Level: 100 Orb Effects Applied to this Item are Doubled Adds 84-167 magic damage This page was last edited on 1 May 2009, at 15:49. However, the 5th and 6th values lie in different classes. Docs.median-xl.com - Official documentation. Thanks. Most scholars agree, though, that this is probably a daytime event. Some ubers require dedicated gears, and sometimes you will have to switch your skill plan/strategy several times to beat some ubers. Her ranged, melee and magical skills are powerful and focus on striking from a distance and moving at high speed. 47:56. 41 | 0. Retrieved from "https://wiki.median-xl.com/w/index.php?title=Template:Wikiportal/Classes&oldid=16374" Here you will find EVERYTHING! Columns are easy but I hate wiki popping up a list of class members(?) Training in the moon temple further enhances the moonfury's combat skills. Boy, this is slow going. Many of Kharos' rites involve human sacrifice, usually by cutting out the sacrifice's heart and lowering her into a lava lake. Speed Calculator Author suchbalance Version 1.0. Energy  : 25 (25 mana), +20 life, +20 mana per level Median XL also features many new class-specific items to augment the new skills, from necromantic crossbows to the assassin naginata with a built-in multitarget sweep attack. Press J to jump to the feed. III. wewenako19 Abomination. The Median XL amazon class is the fastest class in the game. I'm newbie and i really want to know which class is the best for uber boss? This charm can be only gotten in Kurast 3000 BA Sacred Sunstone : Amazon class charm Shadow Vortex : Assassin class charm Worldstone Orb : Barbarian class charm Caoi Dulra Fruit : Druid class charm Soulstone Shard : Necromancer class charm Eye of Divinity : Paladin class charm Nexus Crystal : Sorceress class … Each item has 4 'tiers' or Quality Levels. Although the Median mod for Diablo 2 changes all of the classes, perhaps the most drastic change of all is to the Paladin Class. 1 Non-upgraded charms 1.1 Note: Some charms are not upgradeable and they are highlighted with a darker background. BACKGROUND OF THE MEDIAN XL: ULTIMATIVE AMAZON The inhabitants of the Amazon Islands are mostly known to the outside world… - Season 25 - Toggle navigation Dexterity : 25 He released his first mod, Inferno (download) under the name "Myokai", and was in hindsight regretting publishing his first mod, as he felt it was so bad, looking back. However, there are skills and and even item mods which can raise this cap for you. Median XL Wiki. I did complete some of the easiest challenges with my cold/lightning Sorc, but I can't really go further. Mules are sucking the fun out of the game. The path of the warrior and the priestess are inseparable. Strength  : 15 Dexterity : 25 Hope u can understand. Gains +5 mana per point into energy, (The last two are the Ennead and Black Road challenges rewards respectively). To edit some values of your Diablo II character you can choose from two ways: download specialized program to change the values (works great with original Diablo II, but not with Median XL, most known example is Hero Editor) or hack the values by yourself with Cheat Engine — a program that allow you to find in-game values in process memory and change them on the fly. See THIS PAGE for more information about Mega Impact. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Some surviving explorers also brought specimens of the tribes' exotic headgear, from heavy steel cervellieres to the wicked einherjar helms worn by the wild devotees of Kharos when they consume the blood nectar and ride through the night sky on flaming horses to hunt for sacrifices. 1 Cube Recipes 1.1 Intro 1.1.1 Crafting Points 1.1.2 Reagents 1.2 Disenchanting 1.3 Rerolling 1.4 Uptiering 1.5 Affixing 1.6 Jewel Crafting 1.7 Alchemy 1.8 Shortcuts 1.9 Miscellaneous The Horadric Cube is an underused aspect of Diablo II. Gains +2 life per point into vitality The Median XL paladin class is an armour-clad heavyweight who can take a beating and return the favours with physical and elemental melee attacks and spells. See, there it goes again. Median XL features the familiar item types from classic LoD, as well as many new exotic class-specific items. This allows you to put skill points into the skill. The Median XL assassin class fights dirty, using poisons and incapacitating abilities to keep themselves from harm. FASTER HIT RECOVERY Amazon FHR Frames 0% 11 6% 10 13% 9 20% 8 32% 7 52% 6 86% 5 … It enables users to respec, rename, convert and downlevel characters. In Median each of the original 7 classes from classic D2 are preserved. I think the best is: the way (gameplay) kill boss is easier or item requirement is cheaper than other class. The Paladin, master of using the shield, has the highest base block with a shield, 30%. The Amazon sets her javelin on fire using the holy flames of Tran Athulua, and throws her javelin with such force that it shatters into a fiery maelstrom of razor spikes. View Mobile Site Median XL International Join other median communities around the world! 7 posts • Page 1 of 1. kirito220993 Stygian Watcher. - Trucidation 06:11, 27 April 2009 (UTC) Added Assassin class. Class/skill tree. This page only lists the charms and do not provide any tips to get them. Tier 1 [SU]: they start dropping from regular monsters in areas of level (aLVL) 104+. Official website. Item tiers. The warrior of Ban-Seth unexpectedly leaps out of cover, taking her prey by surprise and delivering a quick death strike. Amazons start with the following skill in their icon list. Except that the column widths are now dynamic. Applying her knowledge of the terrain, an Amazon warrior may appear to move faster than the eye can see, seemingly striking from all directions at once. The spearmaiden completes her training in the temple of the lion queen Ban-Seth. In the cannibalistic nightmare that is wild Skartara, the moon deity offers both inner peace and enhanced battle prowess. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? telesteken #1 May 20 2006 10:23am. Sorceress. 8 months ago. Vitality  : 20 (70 life) Median XL overhauls its function from a cute gimmick to an important tool of war. It is said that priests of Kharos engage in wild heathen rites of alcohol and self-mutilation to amplify their magical powers. ... A Median XL guru... a true book of knowledge. Her ranged, melee and magical skills are powerful and focus on striking from a distance and moving at high speed. The topmost skill tier has a level requirement of 1, and following that the next skills are available at levels 6, 12, 18, and 24. Everything you should know about Median XL can be found here! Median XL also features many new class-specific items to augment the new skills, from necromantic crossbows to the assassin naginata with a built-in multitarget sweep attack. Median XL Charm List. Base cast rate increased when wielding a 1h weapon or a 2h melee one. Warriors trained for this type of combat usually wield spears and wear heavy armour to augment their primarily defensive combat doctrine. Gallery; Tran Athulua. Barbarian. An Amazon warrior on a mission to right a great wrong will be empowered by the goddess with the ability to add the electrical power of the mighty hurricanes of the Southern Seas to her attacks. Wikis. Archived. Is there some trade site or something similar to what poe has like Poe.trade? In close combat, marksmanship is of less importance than the ability to quickly nock a large number of arrows and shoot blindly into the onrushing enemy hordes. Note: Only one class charm can be held in your inventory at any given time. Paladins must now choose between a Holy path and an Unholy path. Median XL 2012 for Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.10 and later (PC/Mac) Median XL Omega v003 Aug 4 2011 Full Version 7 comments. log in sign up. Median XL supports single player, tcp/ip and open battle.net. The High Priestesses will teach select few Amazons the secret of focusing the power of the goddess, consecrating a sceptre to become the ultimate weapon of vengeance. Discuss Median XL! First added the Amazon section. Median XL is an action RPG with extensive endgame content, deep character customisation and challenging gameplay. 1000 Pits Runs - Godly Finds with the Pitzerker - Diablo 2 - Duration: 10:53. 5. Open . To take my build to the next level, Dmg wise, I need a XIS rune. Median XL - Game Guide - Mercenaries Median-xl.com - Official site & active forum and community, and a bunch of guides. User account menu. I try to do endgame quests but it feels really too hard. There was a point that it became not as fun, and I … Boy, this is slow going. Build a Median XL character. From Median-XL. All skill trees are arranged in a linear cascade - there are no branching trees. A. Amazon (Median XL) Assassin (Median XL) B. Barbarian (Median XL) D. Druid (Median XL) N. Necromancer (Median XL) P. Paladin (Median XL) S. Sorceress (Median XL) Median XL's creator, Brother Laz first started modding in Patch 1.09. The highest score in the class is at least one point higher than the lowest score. Xtimus 7,285 views. Gains +4.5 mana per point into energy. Mobility and distance are of the utmost importance, and many archers prefer to fight in light armour. It works with most games and even can help you to change unknown values, or change game mechanics (to heal you instead of takin… In a certain Chemistry class, the median score on a test was 84. After reconstructing this fragment of ancient amazon lore, scholarly attention turned to the fourth island, Skartara, which was formerly assumed to be uninhabited. They are the Amazon, the Assassin, the Barbarian, the Druid, the Necromancer, the Paladin, and the Sorceress. These shadow spirits can often be found lingering at the site of a great battle. The priesthood of Kharos discovered a way to absorb the energies of the distant Worldstone, sending a flurry of magical shards towards the enemies of the tribes. Her ranged, melee and magical skills are powerful and focus on striking from a distance and moving at high speed. Strength  : 30 It is a clear omen of the rising influence of Kharos on Skartara that many tribal warriors of other faiths have begun to commune with fire spirits to use their powers on the battlefield, surviving wounds no mere human should be able to. Name Icon Effect SPELLBIND [AMZ] The basilisk snake of Skartara is a devious creature whose bite turns flesh to stone. Why didn't Median XL ever patch in unlimited stash tabs and/or item stacking for both SP and MP themselves? You can only learn the level 18 skill of the bow, spear, javelin, blood or storm trees if you have no points in any of the other four skill trees, and vice versa. For example, if you have saved up 10 skill points, you cannot immediately dump all 10 of them into a skill when you level up enough to reach it. Due to the swampy marshes around the river delta, dodging thrown weapons is impossible and in response the moonfuries developed some of the toughest and heaviest mortal shields ever forged, including the legendary setzschild. Where would the median lie? Page added today. Although there do exist roving mercenary bands that assimilate a variety of combat styles into their doctrine, most amazon warriors are faithful to their tribe. r/MedianXL: Welcome to the subreddit for Median XL, join our community to discuss about the full-conversion Diablo II mod. BACKGROUND OF THE MEDIAN XL BARBARIAN The tribes of the Arreat Highlands guard an … Strength  : 20 Arrows blessed by him don't even need to hit their targets to slay them. The Median XL amazon class is the fastest class in the game. The most popular Diablo II overhaul modification. Ritualistic tribal warfare of the lower savannah regions emphasises a combat technique known as the phalanx, where two opposing battlelines march up to each other until contact is made, then attempt to push, shove and ram a path through the other side. r/MedianXL. Median XL Charm List. The Median XL druid class is physically the weakest class in the game, but uses range and damage over time to his advantage while causing havoc in the enemy ranks by converting monsters to fight evil. Contents. The Ennead and Black Road challenges rewards skills are also listed under uberskills, as they too have a level requirement of 90. Kharos' primal call to battle strengthens the resolve of the amazon and her allies, for the god of Death and Warfare is watching over them. Every class is able to complete every ubers, just pick one and be patient. Priestesses of Kharos are often seen wielding enchanted sceptres to symbolise their status and authority in the blood cult. Group: Member. Everything you should know about Median XL can be found here! FANDOM. Median XL Sigma - Act 2 to Act 3- Diablo 2 - Duration: 2:17:41. Assassins have powerful physical and elemental melee attacks, throw deadly knives and can use mechanical bombs and automatic weapon systems. Median XL Offline Tools Author kambala Version 0.5.6. Median XL Bow Druid Part 4: This Build Is Starting To Shape Up - Duration: 32:38. Vitality  : 30 (80 life) They were the first mods to replace character animations and the first mods to feature new skill tre… 32:38. I've played Median-XL for some time now, I got a Sorceress 120, Barb 80 (downgraded for a challenge), and my new Pala 67. Contents; General Informations. u/GeneralOneer. If there was a score of 83 in the class, there was also a score of 85. Closed New Topic New Poll. The most popular Diablo II overhaul modification. Loremasters continue to be amazed by the cultural diversity on such a small island as Skartara and the way the local conditions shape tribal culture and development, even though the impressions and memories of the survivors may be tainted by the fact that their captain was lowered into a volcano and their priest eaten alive by a blood tribe.

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